Turquoise Mountain is serious promoting Afghan rugs.  First a dynamite newsletter “Covering Carpets” newsletter. With a link to the site  Matt Bourne of Christopher Farr tells about working  with their supported weavers.

They hired the award winning photographer,  Andrew Quilty, to illustrate their efforts.  He visited Aqcha to see Kerki Rugs. The team at Kerki Rugs handles every step of the carpet production process, from dyeing the wool to weaving to finishing. When Turquoise Mountain started working with Kerki in early 2016, the company exported all of its carpets to Pakistan for washing and finishing, from where they were exported to international markets under a ‘Made in Pakistan’ label. With the support of Turquoise Mountain, Kerki today washes and finishes 80% of woven carpets on-site, and exports them directly to international markets, with a ‘Made in Afghanistan’ label and at a significantly higher margin, supporting over 2,000 weaver families in the region.

Sanjay Purohit recently joined the Turquoise Mountain team as Director of Carpet Sales. Sanjay joins Turquoise Mountain.  Sanjay brings over 26 years of experience working with rug suppliers

During Focus 2019, we are teaming up with Christopher Farr to celebrate the skill of Afghan weavers with a temporary exhibition exploring the design and making process. Come and see us at Design Centre Chelsea Harbour between the 15th and 20th of September to see live weaving demonstrations and a talk focused on rug making in Afghanistan, alongside a display of handmade rugs and hand embroideries created exclusively for Christopher Farr.

And They will be exhibiting at The New York Rug Show between the 7th and 10th of September, Booth 620, the Javits Center, NYC.