Denis Dodds, the quintessential collector of antique tribal rugs and author of multiple books., alerted us to this auction.  This is an outstanding collection of 152 carpets and tribal trappings from the estate of Dr. Leigh Marsh of Philadelphia. Most are noteworthy pieces of Turkmen weaving, but there are very good items from Anatolia, the Caucasus, Baluch group, Shahsevan and Persian tribal regions as well. Images of a few selections are attached here for your convenience.

Lot 56 Savot Chuval – Est. $20,000- $40,000

Dennis’s favorite rug is lot #56 – A Salor Chuval.  The description is as follows:A noble landmark of Salor tribal prestige among all Turkmen weavers, this chuval ranks high among similar rare pieces in private collections. The kochanak border surrounds a spaciously composed field of large archetypal chuval guls of generous height interspersed with smaller octagonal guls which disappear beneath the upper and lower borders. Note the small gap between the small octagonal guls and the top and bottom border — a feature that often indicates an early date. This is a tradition similarly found in early Ottoman carpets. Along the elem at the bottom is a row of spare elegant trees, each topped by a kochak rams-horn device.

Leigh was a neighbor and close friend Dennis’s for 45 years. For those interested in this form of traditional tribal art, this is an opportunity to acquire a wide range of excellent types as well as rare examples which have been exhibited and published internationally during previous decades.

Lot 81: Tekke Ak Chuval, Turkmenistan, Second Half 19th C.

Take a look at the complete catalg

Here is a link to the complete Catalogue and information about bidding, as well as the schedule for an in-person exhibition, reception and the sale itself at Material Culture Auctions in Philadelphia.