Jim Ford The Birth Of The Persian CarpetRemember “The Oriental Carpet” by Jim Ford? Now there is a companion volume to come. There cannot be many carpet people in the world who have not got a copy of Jim’s 1981 book, which documented the immense diversity of Persian carpet design. But where did these designs come from?

Jim has spent many years researching this subject and has now written “The Birth of the Persian Carpet”, which anybody interested can get free of charge in return for a donation to the publishing costs. To see full details go to:


The new book starts with the “traditional Persian carpet” in 1450, which is nothing like what we think of as traditional today. But then there was a major revolution in the world history of art which led to the creation of the carpet as we know it today. This may sound like dry stuff, but what makes the book exciting for carpet lovers is the way Ford traces the “second revolution” which occurred in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries to integrate this Renaissance courtly art into the overall corpus of the Persian carpet as it is woven in towns and villages up and down the whole of Iran.

Why not make a donation and get a signed copy? You would be bound to buy the book after publication anyway!


About Jim Ford

Born in England in 1941, MA from Kings College, Cambridge. Worked 20 years with OCM, London. Published “Oriental Carpet Design” in 1981, which is still in print 34 years later. Extensive travels to Iran, India, China, Mongolia and Nepal between 1976 and 2010. Married to carpet designer Barbara Lindsay; we are joint owners of Jim Ford Carpets Ltd. which supplies custom-made carpets from Nepal.