SFC  – Sustainable Furnishings Council – will offer three different “seminars” during the Las Vegas Market:

Barry Cik

Flame Retardants in Home Furnishings – What They are , How They Got There – Presenter, Barry Cik, a forensic toxologist and founder of Naturepedic.  Topics addressed: Why it matters, current regulations and choices available for a healthy environment;   July 30 -11:30 AM – Building C Seminar Room C174

Susan Inglis SFC

What is Sustainable Furniture, Anyway? – Presenter, Susan Inglis, SFC — Topics addressed: What sustainability issues impacted by choices in our furnishings. Learn questions to and answers to look for when specifying product.  July 30 – 2:00-3:00 PM – +Olive Booth – P1-3814 — Refreshments

Material Choice for Resource ConservationHow to participate in the circular economy and what difference it makes when you choose recycled/recyclable content.  August 1 4:00 – 5:00 PM – Lunares Showroom Building C C107 – Refreshments