Nathalie Pozzi, principal of the interdisciplinary studio Nakworks, never thought that she would design a carpet.

NAKWORKS_PLAYTEST_DSC_1172An Italian architect living in New York City, she first took on the challenge of producing a custom rug for the colorful living room of a game designer. The details of the Playtest Carpet series were inspired by toys scattered on a table used to prototype board games. From these playful origins, Playtest Carpet evolved to a tranquil, monochrome design, but retains its toy-like modularity: each piece can be freely combined with others to create a larger composition.

NAKWORKS_PLAYTEST_2015-10-24 04.10.46 copy 2Since then Nakworks carpets have found a place by the desks of writers, in the living rooms of designers, and under the feet of 7th graders – from Paris and Copenhagen to New York City. NAKWORKS_PLAYTEST_2015-10-24 04.29.37 copy 2For the fabrication of each of these custom pieces, Nakworks collaborates with skilled fabricators in Nepal, who support the GoodWeave mission to ensure that each carpet is made by adult artisans and not children.

Nakworks strives for a practice that utilizes honest materials and essential design forms meant to endure over time, while producing as few products as possible. Working across both spaces and objects, the projects of Nathalie and her studio seek a monastic sense of simplicity and unobtrusive design.