Obeetee makes carpets with a focus on environment and social responsibility. When you purchase a hand-crafted carpet through this auction, you contribute to the welfare of around 25,000 artisans whose earnings have been compromised due to the Pandemic.

The amount raised by this auction will be used to provide our artisans with essentials.

Obeetee is committed to the welfare of their weaver parivaar and are continuously providing them with essential food supplies, protective masks & gloves for their well-being.

Food Grain, Safety & Sanitary Essentials, Hospitalization for any Covid-19 cases

Obeetee’s Social Fabric auction is focused on empowering the weavers & sustaining their livelihood in these difficult times.

“We want our weavers to enjoy making a carpet. We believe that art, technology and social accountability can fix problems that exist in villages in India.”
Rudra Chatterjee, Chairman ,