Mix old & new; traditional & modern for a cool vibe.

Bob Novogratz went to Momeni’s warehouse to pick out the rugs which would show well with the Novogratz bright and modern lifestyle featured on their site.  And it is working; we got the announcement on Friday; today at noon on Monday, the first 9 rugs had been sold.

Momeni & Novogratz

The Novogratz site promoted the rugs as follows:

One of a kind rugs are truly unique – though some may have similar patterns, each one is made by hand, not by machine, using techniques that are centuries old. Some of them take over 10 months to make – they’re literally tied one knot at a time. With good care, rugs made like this can last a lifetime. 

Momeni has over 30 years of experience searching the globe for these treasures, so you can imagine they’ve got one of the best selections of these rugs. Because Momeni buys nearly directly from the source, we’re able to offer them at unbelievable deals – prices are up to 70% off regular rug retails!

Check out our sale on these beauties here. Hurry – they sell quickly!