Jan Kath - as featured in Wallpaper 1/17
Jan Kath – as featured in Wallpaper 1/17

A compelling story of how Jan Kath found and developed his rug business.  Definitely worth the read.  Link to full article is below


Jan Kath moved from Germany to Kathmandu when he was 20 and learned to drive on its unpaved streets. One encountered lead to another and he took over a rug factory.

Today, Jan Kath employs c. 1500 people in 25 workshops. The designs are not the traditional Tibetan motifs, rather a contemporary edgy style.  Rugs are hand cut to create texture and a 3D finish.   Yarn is spun and died on location.

His rug factories have live-in quarters, on-site healthcare and nurseries, and Kath ensures that staff’s children attend schools. For some employees, whose families moved from remote villages to work for Kath, such facilities would be unimaginable elsewhere.

‘We see ourselves as a bridge between different cultures, and we believe that we understand both languages,’ says Kath. ‘I understand the consumer from Fifth Avenue, and I understand a weaver from a Nepalese village; that’s exactly my job. That’s what keeps me going.’ says Jan Kath