Julie Dasher is showing her line of rugs at Modern History Showroom on 430 N. Wrenn, the Red Line Bus Stop #23.  Lunch is served daily.

Julie Dasher Rugs is a woman-owned business with 95% of the designer clients being women.  Typically the decision maker on a designer project is female.  Most of our weavers are women which is why we donate a percentage of our profits each year to help support child care and education in our weaving communities. In the rug industry, most of the companies are owned by men.  In fact in Afghanistan, most of the rugs are woven by women in their homes and then sold at market to men who are the distributors of their rugs to buyers around the world.  Who do you think earns more…the weavers or the distributors?  If you guessed the men, you’re right.