The Opie Collection had a 100% sell through rate at the Grogan auction.   The rug auction total was $967,562.50 with a sell through rate of 93%.

Lot 85 Shekarule Rug –

The Fine Rugs & Carpets Auction featured over 170 examples, ranging from fine city workshop rugs to rare village and tribal weavings, as well as a selection of room size decorative carpets. The centerpiece: The James Opie Collection, an offering 65 rugs from the collection of author/dealer/collector James Opie, featuring exceptional ivory field Shekarlu rugs, many Khamseh Confederacy bird rugs, two rare south Persian tiger rugs, numerous south Persian bags and bag faces (including early examples, both published and unpublished), as well as a pair of exquisitely colored Shahsavan bags. James Opie’s collection, distilled from decades of focused efforts, presented an opportunity for collectors of all levels to acquire significant pieces of impeccable provenance.

#71 Salor Chuval

Another 100 rugs surrounded the Opie collection, chief among them a rare and exemplary Salor Chuval. The brilliant red, stunning design balance and remarkably fine condition combined to create a “best of type” opportunity. The auction also included many fine Bidjar and other Persian rugs, sold to Boston area collectors by the late John Collins, as well as many fine Caucasian and Turkish collectors’ pieces.