screen-shot-2016-10-04-at-11-22-34-pmJaipur Living is joining forces with 4 other exhibitors —  Central Station Creative Interiors, ZOE Bios Creative, Schwung Home, and Notre Monde.  There are three gala parties on Wednesday, the 19th, Friday. the 20th and Sunday, the 23rd. These are coupled with a competition to find and take pictures of 4 vignettes sprinkled around High Point  and post on Instagram citing all five exhibitors from the 19th through the end of  HP market on the 26th.  The wining Instagram post will get one of the vignettes.  To make the picture taking easier, buses will be circling between the five High Point showrooms 10AM – 6PM, Wednesday – Monday.

Interesting, the parties start 3 days before the official beginning of market, indicating that these exhibitors are courting the big buyers who like to come, buy and leave early.

Contact for invitation: [email protected]  (we received an “exclusive” invitation so we do not feel free to share it.)