Christopher Kennedy, featured in the March 2018 issue of Rug News andDesign is now creating a Showcase House in Turlock, CA, sponsored by Aspire and Home Design magazine, a quarterly. Christopher has emerged as the champion of modernism revival.  As such, he believes that great design is not reserved for the big cities.  Working with Aspire magazine, they renovate classic American properties lived in by normal American families

Don Draper Inspired Living Room by Christopher Kennedy

This Showcase brings together designers from both the local region and state-wide, including well-known Tastemakers from Orange County, LA, Palm Springs, and San Francisco.  They include: Barrie Livingstone, Kelli Ellis, Dawn McCoy, Justine Macfee, Kathleen Jennison, Dan Rak, Max Humphrey, Raili Claison, Nar Bustamante, Mark Lytle, Jane Smith, and Chris Reed

The Showcase house will be open on week ends between October 5 -19, 2019.