MARCH 29, 2016

Capel Rugs Unveils Dynamic 2016 Product Catalog

99th Annual Edition Explores Theme of ‘Every Rug Tells a Story’

TROY, N.C. – Capel Rugs has published the 99th annual edition of its product catalog for dealer, designer and consumer use showcasing its entire 2016 line of fashionable, quality rugs.

“Our 2016 Capel catalog is a one-stop shopping source for retailers, designers and consumers that’s well organized, incredibly easy to use and chock-full of information,” said Mary Clara Capel, director of administration and Canadian sales. “At the same time, our new catalog also is designed to serve as a valued source for inspiration and engagement.”

Capel Rugs 2016 Catalog

Organized like a magazine around a theme of “Every Rug Tells a Story,” the comprehensive, 304-page catalog is available both in print and online. This latest edition is designed to be especially consumer friendly, providing insights on rug design, color and construction trends, a glossary of rug terms and more, while also containing all the core information that retailers and designers need to make ordering Capel products easy.

The catalog starts with a stunning cover image of nine stylish rugs stacked on top of a simple chair in front of two classic white doors. The photo, combined with a stylish graphic incorporating a repeat of the number 99, starts viewers on a road to discovery through Capel’s entire line — the most comprehensive assortment of styles, constructions and price points in the industry.
The catalog’s fresh, fashion-driven design approach features an extensive selection of stunning new room scenes, including creative, full-page lifestyle vignettes in both indoor and outdoor settings. In addition, dozens of super close-up shots also are featured, illustrating “style details, height/thickness, the texture of rug constructions and the rich colors of our line like never before,” Capel said.

The catalog’s opening pages are devoted to the company’s highly successful licensing program, where a special section called “The Artists Collective” highlights the Biltmore® For Your Home, COCOCOZY, Genevieve Gorder, Hable Construction, Kevin O’Brien Studio and WILLIAMSBURG® collections. The remainder of the catalog is organized as chapters highlighting the company’s signature constructions — Braided, Flat Woven, Hand Knotted, Hand Tufted and Machine Woven. More than 260 different styles of products are featured in these five sections.

Capel Rugs Catalog Helpful Tips
Capel Rugs Catalog Helpful Tips

The catalog concludes with a chapter on Outdoor Rugs called “Go All Out,” and “Shop Talk,” a compendium of available sales, design and display tools to help retailers merchandise the Capel line.

“This year’s catalog is peppered with useful tips,” said Capel. “For example, there are suggestions about how to measure a space to determine what rug size will fit best — ‘subtract 3 feet from the width and length of your room’ — and what types of yarns work best for different applications — ‘choose a yarn that suits the expected traffic.'”

Throughout the catalog, easy-to-recognize graphic icons provide quick identification of price ranges and details on rugs made in North Carolina and U.S.A., as well as rugs that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Scanable QR codes also are included, providing instant access to virtual showroom tours of Capel’s Atlanta and High Point market showrooms.

Capel Rugs has been in the business of designing and producing rugs for nearly a century now, “and rugs have always been our passion and focus,” Capel said. “Our ability to mix the old and the new — the expected and the unexpected — has kept our line fresh and relevant for generations, and this catalog represents the latest step in our journey as an industry leader.”

Included in the catalog are a variety of interesting facts about Capel and its history, including a one-page feature entitled “Our Kick A** Story.” Illustrated with a photo of a mule, the article explains how Capel Rugs’ founder, A. Leon Capel, made the switch from making mule plow lines and ropes to weaving rugs when the arrival of mechanical tractors displaced mules in agriculture. The fact that Capel Rugs still produces many of its own yarns and chenilles for its braided products is mentioned in a feature about the integrity of materials, while another article discusses how Capel’s import program has evolved over the decades.

Now mailing to dealers nationwide, Capel’s new catalog will make its official debut during the April 16 to 20 High Point Market. Print catalogs are available for purchase and digital versions can be downloaded for free at

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