The Winter Show used to be The Winter Antique Show. But brown furniture and traditional antiques are passe with the new buyers. So the Show branched out into all matter of enticing artifacts from life sized free-standing sculptures of evening dresses to African masks. It’s more fun, because the exhibits awaken the imagination. Perhaps the apartments of the rich and famous will soon replace Georgian breakfronts for Volkswagen trade signs

That said, there were great exhibits of amazing antiques that could be proudly displayed in the modern world.

Keshishian was there with displaying rare and wonderful textiles with stories. My favorite was a Crewelwork screen with embroidery from the 17th Century reapplied with embellishments in the late 19th century.

Stephen Score of Chestnut Street in Boston had a masterpiece made to celebrate the homly agrarian life of “Mother F”and the monuments of post-Civil War America.

The 1960’s Volkswagen trade sign was a favorite of mine. It probably could almost be an antique

The silversmiths of the 19th Century had the skills to match their imagination. A George Smith created this set of 12 Nut Picks and a Nut Scoop; it was originally retailed by Tiffaney now by Spencer Marks of Southhampton, MA