Tamarian LogoBy now, we are sure you are aware of the tragic loss of life and devastation that Nepal has suffered. As a company, Tamarian has built our business in partnership with our many friends and co-workers in Kathmandu whom we view as our extended family. The outpouring of your condolences and sincere desire to help has been nothing short of remarkable. This has been a trying time and without our own ‘feet on the ground’ it is difficult to completely comprehend the full magnitude of this tragedy.

We are happy to report that Ryan is currently on his way to Nepal with hopes to be landing in Kathmandu tomorrow afternoon.

More so, we are proud to announce that The Phoenix Fund for Nepal Relief has officially been established and is ready to receive donations. We are in the process of applying for recognition of exemption from the Internal Revenue Service. Our mission statement is simple: The Phoenix Fund for Nepal Relief is a 501c3 dedicated solely to the aid and recovery mission of the 2015 Nepal Earthquake. One hundred percent (100%) of all donations will be distributed directly to the Nepali people in need.

Any help toward this cause is greatly appreciated so you may simply click here to use our PayPal account or mail a check.

Checks can be made payable to ‘The Phoenix Fund, Inc.’ and should be mailed to:
Tamarian Carpets
1407 Shoemaker Rd
Baltimore, Md. 21209

Over the course of the coming months, we will keep you fully updated in regards to our activities. In the meantime, please check our Facebook page of Ryan’s journey to Nepal.

Please do not hesitate in passing this message along. Your effort in spreading our word to help this cause is greatly appreciated.

Again, thank you for all of your support and we look forward to using the Phoenix Fund to help all of those in need in Nepal.


Steve & Ryan