The Skinner print catalog is excellent. It is reminiscent of the Edelman catalogs of the 1980’s in both in terms of presenting quality goods and in descriptive text. It is a keeper. With prices realized it will be a worthwhile indicator of current market conditions.

Relative to the Edelman days, the prices are significantly lower. While my memory is faulty, I am somewhat of an authority on the Edelman catalogs as I produced most of them. From the provenance of the sources, the items in the auction are representative of the quality that attracted Edelman’s audience back then.

Description: Kurdish Kilim, eastern Turkey, c. 1870, 9 ft. 10 in. x 4 ft. 5 in.
Provenance: The Peter Davies Collection.
Estimate $1,500-1,800

Included are some rugs from Turkana Gallery from the Estate of Peter Davies. In the early days of Rug News (all text, no pictures) Peter Davies wrote articles for Rug News about flat woven rugs. No, they are not online but will get there someday. Turkana Gallery faced the World Trade Center and while it was still standing after 9/11 the building was extensively damaged. Many of the most valuable pieces were in a vault in the bottom of one of the towers. Peter’s partner of 40 years wrote an obituary about him which is an incredible story of how this one man, colleague and friend became an expert in flat woven rugs and did live a life well (and fully) lived