The section Walking the Market in Rug News andDesign online now has over 3200 pictures of rugs taken at various markets and posted online, plus those just posted.  You can search the data base by name.

Although the number of rug vendors showing in Atlanta has shrunk by about 2/3rds in favor of Las Vegas, there was still enough variety of product to suggest several trends.

At higher price points, color contrast is getting somewhat stronger but still in organic designs without strict definition.

In middle price points traditional structured designs are reappearing in new colors and in village patterns.

Also in Atlanta there are indications that International Market Centers is beginning to make changes. They have announced a re-design of the first two floors focusing on integrating floors one and two as permanent year-round showrooms.

Along with that they are co-marketing ADAC, a to the trade design center with the Americasmart year-round showrooms.