Robin Gray Nepal Earthquake

As the rescue efforts in Nepal continue, I write to ask for your good thoughts and prayers for our friends and family there.  The devastation is overwhelming.  We feel fortunate that our friends and associates are safe with only minor damage to the facilities of our weavers.  Many of my colleagues in Nepal are like family and I am working daily to learn more about their safety and well-being.

Right now, we do know that the entire population of Kathmandu is living outdoors in tents, some of them displaced temporarily and some permanently.  Even for those weaving facilities that are only minimally damaged, production is obviously at a standstill and concern right now is solely for finding the lost and maintaining the health and safety of the living.  We will do whatever we can to provide updates on production as we have them, and we very much appreciate your patience as our friends in Nepal begin to rebuild their lives and determine when facilities are safe and stable enough for work to proceed.

For now our attention is turned to doing whatever is in our power to help our friends in Nepal.  If you would like to make a donation to the effort, there are certainly many organizations you can choose from.  I treasure my relationship with GoodWeave and trust that they are a principled organization already on the ground floor of the recovery effort.

Warmly, Robin

Please go to the GoodWeave link below for donation information.

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