Maybe it was unintentional — but it happened with new showrooms. Kalaty and Dalyn changed their image. And Momeni burnished the image change which started at the October market.

Dalyn Showroom High Point

At Dalyn, the message is “Welcome! Come sit with us. Sit, rest while we show you are new lively rugs.” Now the showroom winds around through many different vignettes. Dalyn’s new showroom carries the buyer through multiple different “rooms.” And color dominates the entrance, spelling new excitement.

Kalaty’s New High Point Showroom

Kalaty is a radical change. In my memory’s eye, Kalaty was brown on brown and rugs stacked upon stacks. Not any more, The showroom is a series of compelling vignetes with only ambient light. Comfortable seating allows the prospective buyer to relax while looking.

Momeni Display of Madcap Cottage Rugs