Spicher Showroom Entrance - Atlanta 2019

Today, rug vendors have to go where the customers may be – “pop-up markets.”  In a period of less than a week – often only a few days — a vendor has to sell enough rugs to old customers and engage new customers to pay for the market and to sustain a continuing cash flow.   Long gone are the relaxed old days, when the showrooms (and warehouses) of wholesalers were clustered in the East 30’s and then at ORICA.  Today, the vendor has to carry the “business” to where the customer may be.

Assuming the trade show has successively gotten hordes of potential buyers to come, how does the vendor entice the customer into the showroom?   Because if the potential buyer doesn’t come in the door, there is no chance a sale will be made now or in the future.

To be covered in successive posts:  Showroom Design, Appointments, Seminars, Food, Other – such as. Finger nail polish?