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OBEETEE Hosts MANOR & MEWS with Tea Infused Cocktails – May 22nd


Monday night many braved pounding rain to see for themselves with whom Obeetee was sharing their show room at 137 West 25th St. Manor & Mews had much to show them.

The Flexible Bench

My absolute favorite is the undulating stool, which makes a great bench when several are put together.

“There are three rules to furniture: proportion, proportion, and proportion.”

David Salmon

David Salmon was much in evidence explaining his concept of design: “There are three rules to furniture: proportion, proportion, and proportion.” Loyal Obeetee friends flocked to the party because of Obeetee’s reputation.  If Obeetee were endorsing David Salmon, he had to be good.  And he is.  He masters many design styles from cutting edge, wood and steel modern to strong country wooden tables to quite formal classic upholstered furniture with a contemporary spin.

Controlled Manufacturing = Quality

Desk of Acacia Wood

Manufacturing is entirely controlled by David, so he can ensure the same quality standards Obeetee is famous for. The fabrics are designed by a former lead designer for Colfax & Fowler.   He often uses wood from Acacia trees, shade trees in tea gardens — hence the tea infused cocktails.

And by the way, the tea infused cocktails made the assembled crowd effusively friendly.