Noursion Portfolio Designers

Nourison engaged five interior design talents – Kim Scodro, Scot Meacham Wood, Woodson and Rummerfield, Catherine and Justine Macfee, and Shay Geyer.   Originally presented to the public at an “invitation only” party during Home Fashions Week in September, the Portfolia Collection will be at High Point IHFC, Interhall #101.

Kim Scodro

Kim Scodro – K1057

Kim Scodro: “There’s a Parisian apartment that comes about with the beautiful architectural details and the gorgeous simple palettes and we had hoped that any one of the rugs that we did would fit seamlessly into one of those interiors and I think they would.”




Scott Meacham Wood

Scot Meacham SMK 2 BlkGr

Scot Meacham Wood: “I’ve always been connected to my Scottish heritage, and I wanted to find some new way of expressing that, taking what is a traditional, well-known, well-trod pattern and bringing in a new point of view and new colorations to it.”



Jamie Rumerfield & Ron Woodson
Woodson & Rummerfield WR5 Blue

Woodson and Rummerfield: “This particular rug is an organic malachite – a cross section of stone. A lot of our line was influenced from Southern California living, Southern California lifestyle and vintage quality,” says Jaime Rummerfield. “There’s also a fashion element to these rugs. I was sitting in my camo blazer and I was thinking ‘we can make this into a rug’, says Ron Woodson.




Catherin & Justine


Catherine and Justine Macfee: “This particular piece came from a trip to Cortina for my 30th birthday while skiing. There’s that rich, deep ice blue, stained glass, also a lot of stone work and old world masonry,” says Justine Macfee.



Shay Geyer

Shay Geyer IBBD1 Blue

Shay Geyer: “You’ll see in my designs, I’m looking for stuff you don’t see everywhere out there. Some of the things that I love and am passionate about, and the stuff I see my clients asking for – something that’s different. One of the reasons I love partnering with Nourison is the quality. The quality that I chose to do is a flatweave in the background with a raised pile, so the design really pops and you get that texture.”