659 Pages Sent by Email rather than USPS

Momeni Catalogue

We received Momeni’s brand new catalogue by email late this afternoon.  And we are already flipping through the colorful pages.

We down loaded it.  If we want to put our little printer to an extreme test, we can print it.  But for the time being, Momeni resides on our laptop computer to be searched easily at any time day or night for whatever reason!

Using the search button at the bottom of the page, you can search by key word in the text.

The Veranda Collection Polypropylene Fiber

You can search by collection name collection name. You can search by fiber.

The Ophlelia Collection – Hand Knotted

You can blow up a picture to see the detail of the weave.

You can have a whole lot of fun!

You, too, can access Momeni’s catalogue.