George Couri of Couristan

George Couri CouristanMy fearless forecast: Hospitality will unintentionally drive the area rug business going forward.

The BDNY show in NYC is attended by design professionals from the hospitality industry. It is a serious show. Vendors take the attendees seriously. I see it as a good indicator of what will be introduced in January.

The print issues of Rug News andDesign will have coverage in depth, but all fall we have been aware that the Internet, a.k.a. Amazon and Wayfair, are peaking when it comes to rugs because they are only selling price.

Earlier this fall we started looking at fiber, and fiber quality. Wool and Nylon indicate that vendors anticipate buyers accepting higher cost goods, and Viscose tells me that if it shines it sells. I still think the fiber is the common denominator.

The hospitality industry works in a different scale than residential goods. Scale and size will become factors in the design process going forward. Custom is all about supply chain management. As the hospitality industry masters supply chain management for new technologies and different fibers, this knowledge will be applied to area rugs.