Two Old Rug Friends Meet to Talk Rugs

Two words: Soft – Shiny  And that means new fibers to compete with viscose: polyester and polypropylene.

From a design perspective one word: texture.  Whether it is hand made or machine made, texture is the theme.  Bordered rugs are out.

Impulse Buying is In

Mins Peykar of Mina Victory Home Accents says that her line of plush animals which are scooped satisfy so many on the impulse buy side: soft, shiny and comfortable adds generational dimension to furniture.

Mina Victory Plush Animals

Chinese Tariffs

The Chinese 10% tariff kicked in. As expected the mass merchants resisted sharing it. Next problem is the possible 25% Chinese tariff replacing the 10% tariff on January 1, 2019. The mass merchants are not any happier about that.

There is some switching of sourcing to India, but they make different products.  And India probably cannot absorb all the Chinese production.

Leslie Stroh Talking Printed Rugs at Rugs America

I don’t know how much the mass market forecasts the higher end markets, but the European design leadership seems to have switched to America.