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Leslie Stroh’s Cryptic Comments From High Point


I think everyone agrees that price points cannot go much lower. ”

Trade shows are essentially Brick and Mortar department stores for wholesalers & manufacturers selling to retailers. Designers are the trade show equivalent of consumers.  A lot of people thought people traffic was slow at High Point — business was strong!

Left – Classic Home’s Showroom Entrance at High Point

Technology Raises Sales/Foot

Technology can raise the sales per square foot at retail. The same would apply at trade shows but the implication is that for any one vendor they need less space for existing product.

Right – Nourison’s Display of Christopher Guy’s products

Expand Services

The alternative solution for vendors is to raise profits per square foot by expanding services allied to products. We are seeing that in the increase in on-demand services products and custom services/products such as on-demand sizes, custom color and design

Left – Spicher does Custom

Freight is a Variable Cost

For e-com products, freight is a variable cost controlled by carriers over which vendors have little control except as they negotiate volume pricing. Smaller vendors are disadvantaged without a negotiating base.

More Well Designed Rugs are Selling

The consumer is getting better and better products and more people are buying well designed rugs. That means the base is growing. Over time this will benefit the higher price points as consumers become more aware of the various quality and usage characteristics of rugs.

Customer Service Matters

Touch and feel, customer service (including white glove delivery) matters, but most of all the first challenge is to get the customer to walk in the front door, either electronic or real, and engage in a conversation at a B&M trade show or retailer.