Khalil MoradiWhen his wife died about three years ago, he said to someone: “My bags are packed.”

Khalil Moradi was known in the US by some as Marjan International. Globally, as a buyer of knotted rugs, he was known by all.

I loved the man. He taught me about life, not just about rugs.

He started life as a tea boy in the bazaar in Iran. When he became a broker, he would be offered tea. When he returned his glass, it was thrown to the ground and broken. It could not be used again. He was Jewish.

When he went to buy rugs, he stopped first in the bazaar to get the price of rice, cooking oil and vegetables (not 100% sure on the veggies). This told him what the weaver’s wages would have to be in order to survive.

When he bought, he offered to buy everything in the warehouse. A broom clean warehouse is every manufacturer’s dream. Goods in the warehouse, in the stack, are the ones not yet sold. I have been in the office when the call came in. Issue a letter of credit for amount to $x,xxx,xxx. The conversation was interrupted while the bank was called, and a few minutes later the bank called to say it had been done.

I have always wondered what it felt like to be a manufacturer with a buyer (Marjan) sitting across from you saying, “set a price, and if it is reasonable, I will pay cash for everything.” He ultimately went into real estate. I don’t think he ever changed.

His presence in my life was an honor. I weep for my memory, and for his loss to his family and friends. May our shared God bless them, something he always asked for me.

Leslie Stroh, Publisher – RUG NEWS andDESIGN