For the first time Jan Kath Design will show carpets from the new ANGLES COLLECTION in the United States at this year’s ICFF

Jan Kath 01Hand knotted in wool and silk the rugs from the Jan Kath Design Angles Collection captivate the eye of the beholder with an organic transparency that stands in contrast to the sharp edges and pointed angles.

The ANGLES collection is created by hand in factories located in Kathmandu, Nepal. Only the most skilled weavers are able to realize the highly complicated designs without fault. Knot by knot, with a density of 100 knots per square inch (6.45 square centimeters), the rugs slowly come into being during months of work at the loom. The materials used are hand-combed and spun Tibetan highland wool, delicate Chinese silk, and robust Himalayan nettle yarn. Each rug is unique. The chosen design is made to order and can be tailored to the customer’s preferences in terms of size, color, and material composition.

Jan Kath is one the most important designers of contemporary handmade rugs on the international stage today. His modern style has created a completely new perspective on carpets. Jan Kath Design currently offers more than twenty handmade carpet collections worldwide, spanning a wide variety of designs and materials. All of the collections have in common that they consistently push the boundaries for contemporary carpet design.
ICFF attendees can see the Angles collection as well as selection of carpets from other Jan Kath Design collections at the Jan Kath booth, from May 16-19.

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Jan Kath LogoAbout Jan Kath Design — Make Rugs Not War

The designer Jan Kath has set bold new trends in rug design.  He is one the most important designers of contemporary handknotted rugs on the international stage today.  He combines classical elements of Oriental carpets with contemporary minimalist design, consciously breaks with traditional concepts and strict rules of composition. The Jan Kath carpet collections are distributed around the world by selected retail partners.

Visit our New York showroom at 555 West 25th St / 2nd Floor New York / NY 10001.