Jon Feizy talking rugs with Leslie

In working on an article about marketing to millennials, I realized how much I don’t know about selling rugs to the new generations. Somebody in the rug business knows more than I do.

So, periodically, I will ask you all a question. I will answer/share online and/or in print with or without credit as you prefer.

Patti Carpenter explaining color and trends with Leslie

What is the best sample size to give a potential customer, and why? 

Send your answers to [email protected] and include at least one picture in original size if you can (3-5 mb).

Genesis of my question.

I see samples of rugs in all sizes from 1×1’s to small mats.

Rack samples used to be 6×9, then 5×8 and now a nominal 5×7 which is also an Internet size.

The market wisdom used to be, “you sell what you show.” Is this still true today?  If so, what do you show?  If it is not true today, what works?

Who will see your answers

Online, we get about 80,000 viewers a month, of which 35,000 on average are unique viewers, so your responses that go online will be seen by demographic that is primarily women, and primarily young.


Leslie—Publisher and Sr. Editor