Thank you to so many of you who have personally reached out to me about the devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Nepal.  I’ve had many inquiries about the safety of our staff and the residents at our Hamro Ghar center for rescued children, as well as about how to help.

I’m relieved to let you know that although the Hamro Ghar building is damaged, all of the kids and staff there are safe. We are still trying to track down everyone on our team and learn more about how vulnerable carpet weaving families have been affected. We still also need to inventory damage to our day care centers and other programs.

Officials estimate that more than 1,000 people have died because of the quake, and at least 1,500 have been injured. Tens of thousands more people are without power, and mobile phones and other forms of communication have been disrupted. Many, including our staff, will be sleeping outside tonight as their homes have been damaged or are unsafe due to aftershocks. In an area which already lacks enough electricity and water, the effects of this earthquake are devastating and will be long-lasting.

Some of the most vulnerable and affected people in natural disasters like this one are those living in poverty, especially children. Many are at risk of trafficking, and live in the communities that GoodWeave serves.  We have established an emergency fund to help ensure the safety and recovery of these people. Any programs will also focus on reducing their vulnerability to such disasters in the future. Please consider making a gift today to help those who are hardest hit by this disaster to recover.

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Please like our Facebook page, so that you can follow regular updates on the situation, and we will send another update shortly once we have more information from our colleagues in Kathmandu and learn further about the extent of the damage.

But we do know that many will require immediate relief – in the form of food, water, blankets, and other household necessities. We’ll also have to support infrastructure repair and improvements at Hamro Ghar, our other schools, as well as to help the carpet weaving businesses and workers rebuild their factories and homes and get on their feet as soon as possible.

We will share updates as they become available. In the meantime, thank you for your support.

With Gratitude,

Nina Smith
Executive Director