Feizy’s four fashion-forward trend groupings encompass a myriad of new collections from both the Fine and Lifestyles Collections at this July’s Las Vegas World Market.

Breel Collection

The Tonal Textures Group

The Tonal Textures group is minimalistic in the use of color, and features tonal color palettes and high-low piles to create pieces of striking yet elegant three-dimensional effect  The new Breel Collection, part of the Tonal Textures group, has a textural, fashion sensibility in a luminous raw-silk shag, hand knotted construction.

Lennox Collection

The New Neutrals Group

The New Neutrals showcases groupings sprinkled with metallics, rich taupes and cool grays, and punctuated with warm golds and inky blacks, with designs ranging from updated traditional to modern  The Lennox Collection celebrates the beautiful simplicity of hand-drawn line work, and serves to highlight the artisans behind each piece.  Simple shapes and neutral colors are minimalistic, sophisticated and approachable at once. There is an unexpected depth and intrigue to each piece derived from the variation of color within the pile, achieved by space-dying the luminous viscose that composes it.

Cecily Collection

The Painterly Hand Group

This group exudes the artist’s touch, with watercolor effects and subtle shading in both soft and strong palettes that lend an ethereal feel to its surroundings.  Featured in this group, the Cecily Collection is a stunning power-loomed addition that incorporates up to 136 unique colors. Inspired by Feizy’s finest one-of-a-kind hand-knotted rugs, Cecily brings intricate design details and elevated execution to a price point that makes luxury accessible to all.

Wexford Collection

The Reflective Motifs/Detailed Depth Group

This spotlights some of the most visually stunning additions to Feizy’s Fine Collections.  Painstakingly hand-knotted and crafted with meticulous use of color, each piece takes on new life from every angle.  The Wexford Collection is inspired by the luminous interplay of light on the ocean, with a palette that mimics the color gradients found across the range of depths.  Hand-knotted of viscose and wool, these pieces’ sheens emulate that of the sun as it plays against the ripples of the water, setting a reflective and serene tone.