Cherry Hill, NJ, April 18, 2016—Many homeowners like to express their patriotic pride by decorating their homes with designs in the time-honored and timeless Americana tradition. The most cherished designs typically pay tribute to the American flag, our treasured symbol of freedom. This tradition inspired us to create doormats honoring Old Glory.

Entryways AmericanaA bold complement to our Handmade Collection, “Americana” is crafted to the highest standards in the doormat industry. This semi circle design proudly presents white stars against a rich blue background in the center, flanked by white bands and a bright red border. This distinctive doormat is ¾” thick and measures 18” X 30”.

Entryways Stars Stripes“Stars and Stripes” is our radiant patriotic design in our Sweet Home Collection. Also crafted of highest quality coconut fiber, this dramatic mat presents three large white stars against a blue background and curvy lines of red and white, like a flag unfurling in the wind. Also ¾” thick, this mat measures 17” X 28” and is crafted with a PVC non-slip backing.

These mats have more in common than their patriotic theme. Because they’re both made from coconut fiber of exceptional quality, both mats are excellent dirt trappers, designed to prevent unwanted debris and snow from entering the home. Both mats are hand-stenciled with permanent, fade-resistant dyes. Like the Stars and Stripes, they are designed to stand the test of time.

“Americana” and “Stars and Stripes” are both eco-friendly and unmistakably fashionable. When displayed at any entryway, they will greet family and friends with creative interpretations of our nation’s standard-bearer—the bright and powerful Red, White and Blue.

And, like all Entryways doormats, these designs will impress all who see them—because they are both functional and artful.

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