At the Decorative Furnishings Association (DFA) annual meeting on November 14th, Eric Chang said the board’s view was that the home furnishings industry must take the first step of publishing manufacturer suggested retail pricing (MSRP).  Chang charged DFA members, including showrooms, manufacturers and designers, to make this happen by January 2020.

Sharing pricing is required for inclusion in “credible channels,” such as The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal that promote the trade industry and grow awareness.  Chad Stark, the former DFA President, says that published list pricing is “the one thing that facilitates change and respects how consumers are researching and shopping today.”  He said that high price is more approachable than no price.  Showrooms and design centers will allow consumers to self qualify for trade products.  By publishing pricing, the industry will remove the single greatest opaque instrument  that hurts public opinion and hands power to retailers