Delos launches the American made Technicolor Collection to the design community. The timing of the launch celebrates the 10th Anniversary of Aquafil USA’s ECONYL® 100% regenerated nylon fiber. Technicolor Collection rugs made from ECONYL® yarn will be featured showstoppers at Neocon in Aquafil’s Showroom #107 (11th floor) October 4-6. Technicolor Lookbooks and inspirational gifts will be available.

When Delos considered the name for this new collection and the saturated colors of the ECONYL® yarns, Technicolor was the natural fit. Technicolor was the most widely used color process during the Golden Age of Hollywood in the 1950s and was celebrated for its high saturation as TV evolved from black and white to color. Delos’ goal is to inspire designers to create in rich color, whether bright, neutral or even black and white. There are more than 144 ECONYL® nylon colors from which to choose.

The collection sports purist designs with a modern European edge and “edge” is intended figuratively and literally since there are standard shapes and unique cutout shapes that span up to 13’6”x60’ or 15’6”x40’ without seaming. Designers can choose one of 16 designs and recolor them to suit their project. Its solution dyed rating is five out of five for UV fade resilience. These geometric and modern organic designs are tufted in a dense cut pile construction that is carved for a clean, stamped appearance.

Delos is committed to respecting the planet and partnered with Aquafil USA to offer their ECONYL® yarn exclusively for customrugsintheU.S.ECONYL® isa100%regeneratednylonmanufacturedusingspentfishingnetsandreclaimed carpets. Therefore, commercially rated and stain-free Technicolor Collection rugs don’t come at the expense of the environment. A live virtual launch event will take place October 27th. Contact Delos to participate.

See the Technicolor Collection today: