Tala Bulbs – Ten Trees
Nearly half of millennials report wanting to do business with companies that are environmentally conscious or support social causes.  SFC brings sustainability to High Point aided by Currey & Company, Home Trends and Design, Widget Home, and Southern Furniture
Friday – 13th:

Currey & Company, IncIHFC, Main, Floor 1 – Sustainable Furnishings Council and Tala  debuts the NEW Currey | Tala Bulb Program. Learn more about LED bulbs from the experts and support SFC with a membership/donation to this non-profit educational organization.  2-4 PM

Saturday – 14th

SFC OPEN Membership Meeting – Copeland Showroom, 5100 – Showplace, Floor 5 –Get the latest news and updates on SFC initiatives including the “What’s it made of?” Initiative, our latest Consumer Research, trends in membership and more! Further, SFC wants to hear from members at this annual forum – your being part of the conversation is crucial to advancing our work to sustain a healthy future. 8 – 9 AM

Sunday – 15th
SELLINGreen, HTD Style Showroom: 2400 – Showplace, Floor 2HTD’s line of eco-friendly and award winning provides opportunity for growing your business while it also contributes to the protection of the planet we share. Susan Inglis, SFC Executive Director and resident expert, points out features and teaches you how to use eco-attributes to drive traffic and close sales. Drawing on SFC’s own consumer research, learn to answer questions most commonly asked by customers, in simple and compelling ways. Get answers to the most common questions about environmental safety, and empower your sales team to build your brand, as well as a healthy future.  10am – 11am,

Monday -16th

Widget Home

SELLINGreen, Widget Home Style Union Square, E201 Bustop:14 (Red/Green Line) The Widget Home line provides opportunity for growing your business while it also contributes to the protection of the planet we share by emphasizing design with recycled and reclaimed materials. Susan Inglis, SFC Executive Director and Resident Expert, will discuss how to empower your sales team with a healthy future message.  11am – 12pm

Southern Furniture
SELLINGreen, Southern Furniture Style – Southern Furniture Co Inc 205 Model Farm Rd. (Go Anywhere Shuttle)Southern Furniture Company has been producing premium quality, well priced upholstery for 90 years, and continues to keep handcraft traditions alive right here in NC. Susan Inglis, SFC Executive Director, discusses how going green mpact sales to the millenial genertion.Shuttle transportation provided. 3pm – 4pm