More than 150 of Capel Rugs corporate, retail and factory employees gathered April 27 on the grounds of the rug maker’s oldest production facility in Troy, N.C., for a party to celebrate the company’s 100th anniversary
The festive event took place on a beautiful North Carolina afternoon, after several days of steady rain, amid colorful balloons, banners and lunch. Each employee received a $100 gift card, and a group photograph of the workforce was taken to
commemorate the event —along with scores of individual “selfies.”
“Holding this anniversary party gave us a chance to tell our incredibly dedicated and talented group of employees how proud
we are of them and what they have achieved,” said Richard Capel, director of manufacturing for Capel Rugs. “Their
contribution to our company is the key reason we can celebrate
this amazing milestone of 100 years in business.”
Founded in 1917 by Richard Capel’s grandfather, A. Leon Capel, Capel Rugs still operates three production facilities in Troy,
where its offices are also based. A completely vertical enterprise,
every Capel braid starts in the basement of the historic
Smitherman Cotton Mill in Troy. From basic raw cotton and
wool, the fibers are carded, dyed, spun, braided and sewn onsite
into fashionable yet sturdy floor coverings.
“Many of our mill workers have been with us for many decades,”
said Richard Capel.  “In fact, a few have been here for more
than 50 years. I noted during our party that we’re celebrating 100 years in business and these special individuals were here
for much of that time! We’re lucky to have this deep base of talent on our team”
“There aren’t many manufacturers in the country who have been in business longer than us,” added Mary Clara Capel, Capel Rugs’
director of marketing and administration. “Throughout our long history, our employees have been a true cornerstone of our success.”