Retail price points range from $149 for a5’3″ x 7’6″ machine woven of 100% Olefin to $1949 for a 5′ x 8′ hand knotted of 75% wool and 25% viscose
Synergy – 100% Cotton
Synergy – USA Cotton Chenille Blend
Synergy captures the harmony of the early morning sky, bringing it into your home. The Made in the USA cotton chenille braid, is designed for wide appeal. Suitable for settings ranging from adult bedrooms to family rooms, Synergy is available in two new colorways – misty shade and rosewood – in addition to silverstone, blue opal and chambray. A wide range of shapes and sizes are available, including ovals and concentrics. A 5′ x 8′ oval may retail for $649
Makarna – Hand Knotted Wool Viscose Blend

Makrana  — Wool/Viscose Blend
We dipped deep into our century-plus design archives to find a quintessential traditional design that will withstand the test of time. The winner: Makrana, an eloquently elegant rug made modern with distressing. The popular collection is adding two additional colorways this winter – alabaster and mink. Hand knotted in India of a wool and viscose blend, this collection comes in 3’6″ x 5’6″, 5’6″ x 8’6″, 8′ x 10′ and 9′ x 12′ sizes. A 5’6″ x 8’6″ rug may retail for $1,799.

Tasanee – Hand Knotted Wool and Viscose

Tasanee 75% wool and 25% Viscose
This collection of luxurious hand knotted rugs add a beautiful view – or Tasanee in Thai – to any floor. Made in India of 75% wool and 25% viscose, Tasanee comes in amber multi, morning dove and ocean colorways in 5′ x 8′, 8′ x 10′ and 9′ x 12′. A 5′ x 8′ rug may retail for $1,949.

MACHINE WOVEN – Wilton Looms
Gilded Age – 100% New Zealand Wool

Gilded Age (Kevin O’Brien Collection) – 100% New Zealand Wool 

A transitional rug design of 100% New Zealand wool constructed in Moldova on Wilton looms with a lush pile. Interpreted with a painterly hand that provides a fresh perspective on the brocade motif, Gilded Age is available in three colorways: nickel, azul and ivory mist. The rugs are available in Sizes include 3’11” x 5’6″, 5’3″ x 7’6″, 6’7″ x 9’10”, 7’10” x 11′ and 9’2″ x 12’5″, with a 5’3″ x 7’6″ model retailing for $599.
“Did kings and queens walk on this rug?” O’Brien mused. “No, they never had it so good. But Capel’s customers are more fortunate and can feel like modern royalty when they step on this stylish, versatile design.”
Brushstrokes (Kevin O’Brien) – 50/50 Polyester Olefin Blend
Brush strokes

This bold brush stroke on the floor started as a joyful little splash of color in my sketchbook. Brought to life for your home from our studio, the rich color palette is machine woven in a durable 50/50 polyester olefin blend for years of enjoyment in charcoal, marble and Prussian blue. The machine made rug is woven in Turkey on Wilton looms. Sizes include 3’11” x 5’6″, 5’3″ x 7’6″ and 7’10” x 11′. A 5’3″ x 7’6″ rug may retail for $449


Fiore (Kevin O’Brien collection) – 50/50 Polyester – Olefin
Fiore is a new Wilton-woven, machine-made traditional design with a paisley motif in three colorways — flagstone, marcasite and Adriatic blue. The rugs feature a subtle, soft texture with intricate construction and color. A mix of 50% polyester and 50% olefin made in Turkey, Fiore may retail for $449 for a 5’3” x 7’6” model. Sizes available include 3’11” x 5’6″, 5’3″ x 7’6″ and 7’10” x 11′.


Milagros – 50/50 Blend of Olefin and Polyester Shrink Yarns

Our Milagros collection is a treasure trove of timeless classic design. Available in an enduring palette enhanced by its weathered appearance in blue steel, charcoal and greystone. The unique 50/50 blend of olefin and polyester shrink yarns create dramatic depth with various pile heights. The machine made rug is woven in Turkey on Wilton looms. Sizes include 3’11” x 5’6″, 5’3″ x 7’6″ and 7’10” x 11′. A 5’3″ x 7’6″ rug may retail for $449.

Willow (Kevin O’Brien Collection) – 100 % Olefin
This nature-themed collection traces its roots to a walk O’Brien took in a Japanese garden with his wife during their honeymoon. “We felt the gentle breezes sway a cluster of willow branches, and that feeling was magical,” O’Brien recalls. “Luckily, I had my brushes and paper nearby and could capture that special moment in my sketchbook.”
Available in azul and champagne colorways in 3’11” x 5’6″, 5’3″ x 7’6″ and 7’10” x 11′, Willow is made of 100% olefin on Wilton looms in the United States. A 5’3″ x 7’6″ size retails for $599.


Finesse Lattice (Biltmore® For Your Home collection) – 100% Olefin
A new fashion-forward design being added to the Biltmore® For Your Home program, Finesse Lattice is machine woven in Belgium of 100% olefin. The transitional rug features a lively geometric pattern and is available in five on-trend colorways — charcoal, noir, capri blue, navy and barley. A 5’3” x 7’6” rug may retail for $149.