Christiane Lemieux

Momeni and Christiane Lemieux collaborate on a line to be presented at the High Point Market in October.  Created specifically to be sold through brick and mortar retailers, the inaugural line will be made available to consumers in the first quarter of 2020 through individual retailers and furniture stores.

The Metlili Collection, drawing inspiration from Brancusi’s abstract designs, is a handwoven wool flat weaver

Nine distinct qualities and collections make up the line ranging in price point from $399 to $2399 for an 8×10. Each piece is handmade from natural materials such as leather and jute in the Tugart collection and undyed wool in the Rafalla collection. Momeni Design Director Katy Repetto shared, “The entire line is an exposure to many cultures and techniques connected by a common thread. The dusty palette and indigenous-inspired qualities restore and honor the human hand.”

The Tugart Rug Collection, inspired by Moroccan Tuareg mats, is handwoven from jute & leather

As the fourth licensed line to be launched by Momeni, the Lemieux et Cie collection design is a result of countless experimental techniques with the goal of conceptualizing a way to curate the globally-sourced craftsmanship, in an authentic and cohesive line. The result is a line with mood that evokes authenticity through craftsmanship and part of the value is not only a beautiful rug, but a sense of historical reference and technique.

About Lemieux et Cie
Started at London’s famed retailer The House of Fraser in 2010 and inspired by the European 20th century, artist’s ateliers from the likes of Jean Arp and Brancusi, and small batch production, Lemieux Et Cie celebrates the community of artisans that make the product possible. Whether seen in the evidence of the hand or the imperfection of the materials, this new brand is about the collaboration and celebration between designer and the craftsperson behind each piece. Drawing from almost a decade of doing business in Europe, designer Christiane Lemieux and her team opened up her archives and brought to life inspiration from the historical, the found and the collected. The collection features raw materials, sun bleached accents, dry finishes, white, black and neutrals and antique metals. With details like purposely distressed leather and hand applied finishes, the collection reflects the organic evolution of interiors.