Saris influenced Kanchipuram

Obeetee’s “Proud to Be Indian” introduction  was the last event ever to be held on the 6th Floor of abc.  The floor famous for its iconic collection of stunning and expensive rugs will be closing shortly.  The rugs will move to the 2nd floor.

Graham Head trades memories with Leslie Stroh

Paulette Cole of abc set the mood with her introduction,“On behalf of all of us at ABC, welcome to this beautiful evening as we gather to celebrate India’s modern makers and muses.  I am especially grateful to the confluence of energies that have come togeher at this poignant moment in time.  Each of us this journey, Obeetee, Li Edelcort, Abraham and Takore and the ABC team has served at our highest to elevate and influence the collective frequency through beauty, wellness, ‘wisdom, love and commerce.” 

David Abraham with Leslie Stroh

Rudra Chatterjee Obeetee introduced the  new “Proud to Be Indian” collection hand knotted carpets designed by Abraham & Takore, one of the India’s most respected design resources.  The collection is comprised of  18 distinctive designs which David Abraham said is  “made using calligraphy, ikat, sari and block print design tell stories of layers, colors, textures and memory with an intricacy that illustrates the skills of an ancient craft which is still being practiced today in India and is weaving together the stories of skilled textile artisans and craftspeople”

The calligraphy of ancient texts translated to a rug – Siyaahi

The Proud to Be Indian collection will be available exclusively through abc

Li Edelkoort, pulled the evening together the evening with a fast paced presentation of how the intelligence of color plays on our collective pysche or the reverse – how our pysches instruct the intelligence of color.