MicroD LLC, a provider of online product catalog solutions and digital brand visibility for the home furnishings industry, has developed a curated website brand landing page with BDI Furniture.  BDI, high-end furniture design, wants to make it easy for retailers to promote and sell their products, and give shoppers the in-depth information when researching big ticket home furnishings purchases.

Their partnership with MicroD does just that through the custom website landing page specifically focused on BDI merchandise.   The BDI brand defines the intersection of high-end, modern design with practical, everyday living. In an effort to more effectively promote the brand, the merchandise and its story, BDI is offering this landing page to their dealers through MicroD’s OmniVue website platform.

This carefully curated page displays three major categories to simplify the customer buying journey: Entertaining, Working, and Living.  By personalizing the shopping experience with a dedicated page on retailers’ online storefronts, the BDI brand now stands out among other competing brands on websites across the country.

Because of MicroD’s ability to leverage digital assets across our collection of dedicated BDI dealers, Build Your Brand landing page program, through the OmniVue website platform, is able to promote a superb brand experience and presentation with aesthetic details, wood grains and finishes, and highly engineered functionality that defines the BDI brand”, explained Richard Sexton, Chief Product Officer at MicroD.  “ This group of retailers also understands the importance of the digital customer journey as being consistent with the brand experience, so the brand landing page is a win-win situation for everyone.”