Blue Trilogia

Art Hide and Amigos de Hoy’s  Australian sisters Kura Perkins and Bree Hay-Hendry are the creative forces behind Aussie businesses gone-global. Their US operation has expanded rapidly over the last two years.

Kura and Bree are also speaking at the Las Vegas ‘Meet the Makers’ event in Pavilion 2 on January 30, moderated by Sam Ujvary, Managing Editor of GIFT SHOP Magazine, discussing what it takes to have a small creation and bring it to life while maintaining true to a vision.  12:00pm – 1:30pm
Pavilion 2 Seminar Room

Art Hide uses seasonal color work and innovative hide treatment techniques, such as laser burning, hand etching, and fine metallic stenciling.

Products include rugs, wall décor and soft furnishings. Products like the Joanie giant tambourine and metallic dhurrie rugs are among their best sellers.