Photograph By US Forest Service (CC by 2.0)

Rug News andDesign celebrates Asha’s offer of help. When our andDesign Editor, Sarah Stroh, evacuated her Ojai home in December, she and her family were shown overwhelming  kindness by so many people in our industry.  Her house did not burn.

Dear Valued Jaipur Living Customer:

Last year, our hearts went out to those who suffered devastation and loss from hurricanes, floods, and other natural disasters.  Internally, the impact of those natural disasters on people, communities and businesses was frequently discussed. As a business owner, I empathized greatly with customers, many of whom I have known for a decade.  We built our businesses together in some ways, and I challenged our team to help.

Today, I am pleased to announce the creation of Jaipur Living’s Disaster Relief Recovery Program.  This ongoing program is designed to help businesses to rebuild and restock.  To get back to work.  To bring back the small business building blocks that are critical to an area’s economic recovery.

If you are seeking to rebuild your business after being declared a Major Disaster Area for Individual Assistance by FEMA, Jaipur Living would like to extend a 20% discount off your first order, as well as special payment terms to any who qualify.

Please reply to this email or visit Jaipur Living Disaster Relief to begin rebuilding today.

We are here for your support, and we look forward to helping you in any way that we can.