Art Resouces Replicates Complex Navajo Weave Construction


Navajo designs have intrigued and delighted connoisseurs for centuries.  Art Resources bring these styles into their own.  Not content to simply replicate patterns, The Sante Fe Collection stays true to the complex original mode of construction. Sizes vary by rug. There are sizes from 3’x5′ up to 10’x14. Orders for custom sizes are accepted

These Navajo design rugs are made in India of imported and handspun wool in the traditional manner, which means that the warp is a continuous loop, and the weft is a continuous loop, plus the lazy lines that are characteristic of Navajo weaving are also reproduced. Technically this is a very accurate reproduction that can be used on the floor to replace the original Navajo rugs should be used as intended as blankets and wall hangings.