Interior Designers / Interior Decorators market is seen as the Silver Bullet for wholesalers and manufacturers.  Traditional retailers are dead, dying or reconfiguring themselves into boutique destinations.  Manufacturers learn they have to sell the end user on their brand to protect price points.  The Interior Decorator / Designer is the middleman who represents the end user.  Cash is usually upfront.  Price points are usually higher.  GREAT — But we hear that Designers are struggling to make money — more about that later.

AmeriscasMart is trying lure them into their exhibitor;s showrooms, with THE DESIGNERS GUIDE TO THE WINTER MARKET.   There are so many opportunities for designers and decorators to network, learn and drink, that they might never have time to shop.

Tastemaker presentations range from social media and SEO to live painting demonstrations to a discussion of the Italian Aperitivo and live cooking shows from top local and national talent. The best part, you can even earn CEUs at some of the events. A full list of events is at

Pantone Color is one of the lures.  Purple seems to be IT this year.  There will be a vignette gallery presentation In Living Color. Six interior designers and six floral designers are collaborating on all new vignette presentations that boldly portray what’s ahead in design as they explore the PANTONEVIEW® home + interiors color forecast and the Color of the Year for 2018.

Interior designers Brian Patrick Flynn, André Hilton, Corey Damen Jenkins, Margaret Kirkland, Mallory Mathison andChris Socci are paired with floral designers Holly Bryan, Michal Evans,  Canaan Marshall, Amy Osaba,Kathy Rainer and Tricky Wolfes to showcase the trending colors and themes. Most of the designers are Atlanta based so they will give an insight into the decorating trends of Buckhead and environs.  Decorators from other areas of the world will learn what it takes to crack  the Atlanta suburban market.


For the first time, there is an AmericasMart app which helps buyers navigate the market. YOUR MARKET MADE SIMPLE>  We hope that cell phone connection has improved along with this app.  Since AmericasMart does everything very well, I suspect that this app is better than the one High Point introduced two years ago.  We will check it out and report.