Fact based evidence is that the Atlanta Market was buzzing  All copies of Rug News andDesign magazine were gone by noon on Friday, although we had sent enough copies to normally last through Saturday!

Nelly Ortiz spent 4 days dashing between exhibitors taking pictures of what their people considered the newest and most exciting rug.  To see what she saw, go to Walking the Market on www.rugnewsanddesign.com.  She said the showrooms were more slammed with buyers than in recent years, making getting pictures a bit harder than usual.

If we missed you in Atlanta or if you missed us, Rug News andDesign both in print and in person will be in Las Vegas for the World Market and for Surfaces.   The magazines will be distributed in each of the three buildings  plus Surfaces.  If you see any of us, please say HEY.  We are: Leslie Stroh, Sarah Stroh, Kathleen Bingham Stroh, Thomas Gensinger and Beach Thornton – who will be making a video of the market seen through the eyes of a 6 year old.